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The Phenomenon Of YouTube Personalities 

With more and more people having access to the internet, it has led to the growth of online journalists who share fascinating stories on video platforms like YouTube. When YouTube first started in 2005, it was seen as the most innovative platform of the twenty-first century. YouTube was considered as a video platform where anyone could share their voice through short videos. With YouTube becoming popular over the years, it led to the growth of YouTubers. YouTubers like DanTDM are also known as YouTubers. YouTubers are people who create and upload videos to YouTube. YouTubers Like DanTDM have taken advantage of the high accessibility and visibility that YouTube has to offer to engage with their audience.

It is not surprising today, to find that most mainstream media have YouTube channels. This is because YouTube channels have a different demographic of viewers, mostly teenagers and millennials, compared to traditional broadcasting channels like TV. With no restriction on who could upload videos on YouTube, people like DanTDM started to use this platform to build their influence and viewership. Today, you can find YouTubers like DanTDM who have millions of subscribers that are interested in watching their short videos every week and buying their merchandise.

YouTube channels have created superstars.

YouTube channels have led to an opportunity for YouTubers like DanTDM to earn a living online, thanks to the large number of subscribers they have. This has made YouTubers like DanTDM more popular than traditional celebrities. Even though YouTubers like DanTDM did not gain their popularity through the mainstream media, they became famous thanks to internet platforms such as YouTube.

Most YouTube stars like DanTDM did not find themselves famous via one video that went viral. They had to constantly engage with their audience through personal videos that were created in a conversational style. When you look at YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley, he started his first YouTube video in a freshman dorm while still in college. His aim of starting a YouTube channel was to keep in touch with his friends while he pursued his studies. However, after years of constant interaction and engagement with his audience, the YouTuber was able to reach 6 million subscribers. In addition, he appeared severally on national television and won numerous awards including Teen Choice award. Oakley became popular among his fans because he talks about interesting topics that his audience relate to.

Today, YouTuber fans do not see them as ordinary celebrities, but as influential figures. According to a survey done by entertainment magazine the Variety, a young audience aged between 13-18 years, said that YouTubers like the Fine Bros, DanTDM, Smosh, PewDiePie and Ryan Higa were more influential compared to celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, and Paul Walker. The reason why YouTubers like DanTDM were more popular among the fans is that they were seen not only as extraordinary but also more engaging and relatable compared to mainstream celebrities. In addition, teenagers who were surveyed said that they appreciate the sense of humor and daredevil attitude of YouTube stars like DanTDM.

The most subscribed to YouTuber

In the case of PewDiePie which shares gaming content, this youtube personality has over 40 million subscribers, making him the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. PewDiePie gained a large number of subscribers by playing popular video games and sharing jokes. Smosh is well known for their sense of humor that is mostly childish and relates well to their young audience. Zoella shares useful beauty tutorials, including makeup and hairstyle videos to over 10 million of her YouTube subscribers. YouTube is a platform considered to be real and intimate, that is why more and more people are subscribing to channels which interest them.