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PewDiePie Merch

Get your PewDiePie Merch here. Born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known by his online nickname PewDiePie. PewDiePie is a YouTuber located in Sweden. DanTDM is the most popular and most watched person ever on YouTube. He has shown the world that YouTubers like PewDiePie are real and are bankable.

I think he proves this with all of the PewDiePie Merch out there. In the beginning of his career, he had a deal with Machinima. He was not happy with this company, so he made a deal with Maker Studios. From the very beginning, PewDiePie has produced all of his own content. That content has been spoken about with praise but also some of PewDiePies material has had a little negative press sometimes. But you can not reach the heights PewDiePie has reached without ruffling a few feathers on the way.

He is the most subscribed to person on YouTube. As far as YouTubers go, he is the best there is and everybody wants the number of subscribers that PewDiePie has. Make no mistake, YouTubers like him have worked very hard and have put in 1000’s of hours of filming and editing. For all of his hard work, the Time Magazine named PewDiePie ” The World’s 100 Most Influential People”. All of the Indie games that PewDiePie has played and reviewed have seen major increases in sales 100% of the time.

The most popular YouTuber in the world is PewDiePie

With the popularity of YouTube and YouTubers like PewDiePie. There was going to be an influx of merch from YouTubers like PewDiePie. With all of his popularity, there are a lot of PewDiePie Merchandise out there. My kids are always looking for their favorite YouTubers and the things they can have with their image on it.

I’m sure your kids are like my kids with more than a few fidget spinners laying around the house. With the increasing popularity of fidget spinners and the already popular YouTuber PewDiePie, you can rest assure that the PewDiePie Fidget Spinners are going to sell like hotcakes on sale. 




PewDiePie Merch – Fidget Spinner 

We know how fast these PewDIePie Fidget Spinners are going to sell out. So, you better order early and order often. Not only do you get the stress relief benefits of a fidget spinner. You can also do it in style. With this PewDiePie Fidget Spinner, you will have the best of both worlds. This fidget spinner has one of the icons PewDiePie is well known for, the “Bro Fist”. We have also included another PewDiePie fidget spinners. This one has his face on it and would probably be more recognizable if you weren’t a super fan of PewDiePie.

If you didn’t read the opening paragraphs. PewDiePie is the most popular and most watched YouTuber ever. This PewDIePIe fidget spinner would make any kid happy and with Christmas coming this would make a great stocking stuffer. This PewDiePIe fidget spinner is not just for a Christmas gift for your kids. A PewDiePie fidget spinner would fill the hearts of all nephews and nieces and cement your position as the best Aunt or best Uncle!


PewDiePie Merch – Books 

“This Book Loves You”

With the amount of follows PewDiePie has. It makes total sense that he would write some books. With billion’s of views, you can bet that PewDiePies book “This Book Loves You” would sell millions of copies. PewDiePies book “This Book Loves You” was released in 2015 and instantly went straight to the best sellers list. “This Book Loves You” would stand up to any of mainstreams most popular books in the number of sales.  When a YouTuber like PewDiePie first released “This Book Love You” everybody thought he was wasting his time writing this book. They were wrong, “This Book Loves You” sold millions of copies the first year and continue you to sell very well today in 2017. 

My kids enjoy reading books. When they can read a book about a personality the know like PewDiePie. It makes them all the more interested in these writings. So I consider it a good thing when stars like PewDiePie write books. PewDiePie actually has a few different books. He has a book named “This Book Loves You”. PewDiePie also has a book of Memes. This book is PewDiePies latest book. You can find a bunch of unofficial PewDiePie books and fan guides also. But they are not approved by PewDiePie. Take a look at some of the PewDiePie books we have below that are listed through Amazon. 





PewDiePie Merch -T-Shirts

One of the oldest and most universal ways to get your name out there is the T-shirt. PewDiePie has a large line of T-shirts with his logos and other graphics on them. There are also clothing items like PewDiePie hats and PewDiePie pajamas. But we are gonna focus on PewDiePie T-shirts in this section. These PewDiePie T-shirts are made with a good quality material. I have personally washed some of these T-shirts dozens of times and they still retain their shape and stretchability.

Whatever graphics PewDiePie puts on it seems to stay on and does not fade through all of these washes. We have included a few of PewDiePies T-shirts below. As usual, PewDiePie offers quite a few more T-shirts than we can show on this site. So if you don’t see a T-shirt that you like then just follow the link to Amazon and you will be shown a lot more options for PewDiePie T-shirts.




PewDiePie Merch – Backpacks 

Everybody knows what it’s like leading up to the first day of school. There is the best outfit we have picked out. We have the cool things we are going to talk about. We also must have the coolest backpack in school. When you take the most popular person PewDiePie on the network every single kid in America watches nightly. You add something like a backpack that every kid in America needs to have for school. You have a no-brainer in business but you also have a very stylish and popular PewDiePie backpack.

Let your child be the envy of the other kids by getting them the PewDiePie backpack. We have included a few different PewDiePie backpacks for you. But there are a lot of PewDIePie backpacks out there. So if you don’t see a backpack that you think your child might not like. Just click on the link and it will take you straight to Amazon. Amazon will have a few dozen more types and styles of the PewDiePie backpack. PewDiePie has been around for awhile so he also offers a PewDiePie messenger bag for the slightly older and more sophisticated kid.





Photo of pewdiepie


PewDiePie Merch – Free Software 

As with any industry these days. It seems that the YouTuber PewDiePie likes the free to play model for his games. We have searched the internet for as many of the PewDiePie free games we could find. We figure free is good and easy is good. That’s why we made getting PewDiePie’s Free stuff as easy as we could. All you have to do is follow the links to Amazon and download the free PewDIePie games. There are a few PewDIePie games we did not include because there is a charge for these games. The purpose here is to give you free PewDiePie merch. Enjoy!


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Photo of PewDiePie